Become A Worshipteam Member

What does it mean to become a team member with Nameless Faceless?
Well, it basicly means you are a worshipper and there's nothing in the world you love to do better than this, and so you will join the team while we worship together to honour Him, to give Him praise and to worship Him with all of our hearts, and all of our being. We do not perform. Our first goal is to just worship Him together as a worshipteam. Occasionally we might lead worship somewhere if we feel it's appropriate to join in an event. However, if we feel we are invited for the wrong reasons we will not accept that invitation. 

If you can relate to the above, and the following also sounds like you, you might be the one we're looking for to expand our team!

  • There's nothing you like to do better or more than to worship God
  • You don't really like to perform in front of a people audience
  • You don't care about gaining fame , people recognising you for your gifting or remembering your name at all. All you want is His name to be lifted high!
  • When you worship your audience/focus is always the Lord and never your surroundings
  • You rather sing/worship directly unto Him rather than to sing songs about Him
  • You can sing in tune or can play one or more of the following instruments skillfully; drums, cajon, percussion, violin, bassguitar, guitar, flute, keyboard/piano, cello. (If you play any other instrument than listed, let us know which one).
  • You live in The Netherlands
  • You are able to practice at least once a month with our team
  • You just love Jesus
  • You know you're a son or daughter of God and are saved by grace
  • You are trying your best to live holy because He is holy
  • You are not easily intimidated or distracted
  • His Word is a lamp unto your feet
  • You can speak and understand English

If you checked all above boxes, than send us a message